Trump Takes "Shutdown" Victory Lap Around Jim Acosta

PHOTO: Getty Images

     The government shutdown that lasted barely more than a weekend was ended following a house passed resolution on Monday. Even though it seemed as though the Democrats would continue to hold DACA and immigration talks as hostage, the left caved and voted to push the funding forward. CNN's exasperating reporter Jim Acosta took to Twitter in response to the shutdowns end, resulting in a refreshingly honest (sour grapes) account of the days events. 


     Dancing in the end zone is right Mr. Acosta. For a President that everyone seems to believe is slinging around a feeble mind, he just keeps on winning. Compare this to our wonderful New England Patriots, the more they win, the more they hate us. Trump took the opportunity to "thank" Acosta for (finally) reporting some honesty.


     We still have to wait and see what happens on February 8th, but right now it's Trump in the drivers seat. An immigration issue should never have been a key component in a budget issue. Trump knew the citizens would realize that, or at least want our military and national structure to remain priority numero uno. Ether way, Acosta has finally scarfed down a gargantuan slice of humble pie. 


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