Andover hockey coaches suspended


The Massachusetts Department of Family and Children is currently investigating allegations against three coaches for the Andover high school hockey team. According to the principal, the coaches are on "paid administrative leave" while the school investigates coaching methods that may have been “not in the best interests of our student athletes.”

The school would not elaborate what these "coaching methods", but parents contacted by local news outlets expressed outrage that their children were forced to go without food for up to 12 hours after losing a game on a trip to Western Massachusetts. They also implied that there were times when water was also withheld from the students. 

While not confirming anything, Principal Philip Conrad stated “The safety and well-being of our students is our most important priority, and I am disheartened to hear of the allegations against members of our coaching staff."

Although none of the coaches are faculty at Andover, one of those on leave included the varsity head coach. The school confirmed that the team will continue to practice and play as scheduled during the investigation with the junior varsity coach overseeing them. 


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