Dreamers Will Be In State of the Union Audience

PHOTO: Getty Images

     The State of the Union address is on Tuesday, and the Democratic game plan has been released. The speech will include details on the White House's new immigration framework following the unveiling to Congress on Monday. The Democrats have truly felt the brunt of their losing streak recently since the quick government shutdown, and they need reinforcements. 

     The cavalry will be in the form of about two dozen DACA recipients (or "dreamers") who will be in the audience. The Democratic lawmakers decided to put them on the guest list, most likely because Donald Trump would never deliver them bad news to their face right? hmmmmm....


     The most likely outcome will be the lack of impact this move will truly deliver. Sure you can make the argument that this is just a nice thing to do, a chance for the outsiders to come rub elbows with the truly powerful decision makers of this country. The truth is, we know that isn't the case. This is a strategic move made by lobbyists who are grasping at straws, doing whatever they can to gain some sort of dull edge. They already know the biggest flaw in their plan though, Trump doesn't care. He wont be fazed, in fact, he'll treat this maneuver as he does most things. He'll treat this like a displeased ex and ghost the situation. Then maybe sub-tweet them later on when he's home in his jam-jams. 

     The all powerful Trump continues to sit comfortably in the drivers seat, and the Democrats continue to show their hand out of panic. The term fake it till you make it applies to the left these days. When you're failing, and residing in a can't get right situation, just put on a calm and confident face. Then act like you got them right where you want them. The cheap antics have never worked for them in the past, and they shall not work this time. 

The 2018 State of the Union Address will be at 9:00 PM on Tuesday, January 30.


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