Some Dreamers Gamble With Threat To Leave Country

PHOTO: Getty Images

     A new strategy is being deployed by the young immigrants that are trying to stay in the country. Dreamers are truly banking on the fact that they will be missed if they depart, because now they are threatening to beat customs officials to the punch.

     Some young illegal aliens are stating that if the Trump administration continues to refuse an extension on DACA, then they will leave immediately. Some have decided that's a better option than waiting for ICE to come knocking at their door. A couple dreamers spoke to CNN and revealed that they are originally from Venezuela, which if that's where they choose to return, they may be turning tail back to the US quicker than you can say....... well anything. 


     Just a couple days ago the power was cut in most of Venezuela's capitol city Caracas in the middle of rush hour. Everyone had to walk home through horrifically crime ridden streets since the metro was out of service as a dictatorship tightens its grip around the country. So for a dreamer to level an empty threat like going back to Venezuela, one can only say adiĆ³s. 

     At this point I wouldn't wish a second in the sinister country on my worst enemy, but this is an important time for the Trump administration to stand strong in enforcing immigration control. The panic this ultimatum portrays makes you believe the undocumented are beginning to accept their fate, but the idea that these individuals will be extremely missed is extremely false. We want these hard working individuals in our country to succeed, but we want their success under the legal umbrella. When put in those simplified terms, it should be easy to understand.


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