Tim Tebow Hosts Prom For 90,000 Special Needs Students Around The Globe

Tim Tebow is preparing to host his fourth-annual "Night to Shine" event for special needs children. This year the event is going global, taking place in "540 churches in 16 countries, with 175,000 volunteers required to put on the big night," according to Fox News.

The Tim Tebow Foundation expects around 90,000 "kings" and "queens" to attend the event, and they will be given the royal treatment. They will put on designer tuxes and dresses, arrive in limousines and then walk down the red carpet filled with cheering fans and paparazzi. Once inside they will enjoy a night filled with dancing and singing. 

“It’s my favorite night of the year and we get to change so many lives,” Tebow said in a video promoting the event. “Honestly, it’s not just the night of their life where they get to dance, and they get to have fun. They get to ride in limos, they get to walk down red carpets."

Tebow said he hopes "they leave realizing that the God of this universe loves them so much and has a special unique plan and purpose for their life."

"It’s so much more than life, because maybe for the first time, they realize that they’re worth it. They realize that they’re special. They realize that they’re loved. There’s not much more important than that.”

Tebow will make surprise appearances at some of the events, which are being held on Friday, February 9th. 

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