New York Times Praises Kim Jong-Un's Sister


That tweet basically says it all.  The New York Times is not alone in the effusive praise of North Korea at the Olympics, but they might be the most egregious.  At least they've been called out on it.  So, to review, the "Very Fake News" New York Times has been after a President whom both an MSNBC Political Analyst and ABC News Political Analyst have accused of presiding over a "Rape Culture" in the White House, is praising the sister of a Dictator who actually presides over a Rape Culture - among other human rights violations.  Not to mention that they're trying to have it both ways:  President Trump is a rapist, but Mike Pence needs to make peace with the sister of a brutal dictator/ actual rapist.  That's the most 2018 Media sentence ever...


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