This Painting Of Michelle Obama Is Just Awful

PHOTO: Getty Images

     There stands former President Barack Obama, leaning back, wondering what in the sweet lords name he is staring at. Of course it's a painting of a person, a human being, a Homo sapien. The question remains, who is this a painting of?!

     This is the painting of former First-Lady Michelle Obama unveiled at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery this morning. Every president and first lady have their portraits done by an artist of their choosing to be hung up in the Smithsonian. Barack's portrait turned out fine, nothing spectacular. Michelle's on the other hand turned out to be worthy of a dumpster fire.


     Mrs. Obama made a fatal mistake when choosing the artist that would be taking on the responsibility of capturing her "essence." The former first lady reportedly spent a good amount of time with artist Amy Sherald, who is known for her "social justice style paintings." Michelle apparently truly enjoyed Sherald as a person, which should have immediately disqualified her from consideration. A long time rule in business is universally understood, never hire your friends or family! Obama ignored the rule, and is paying dearly whether she admits it or not. 

     You need to ignore the the fact that she's a fun person to be around, and focus on whether she's going to complete the job to the highest degree. Instead you're left with what looks like an amateur police sketch artists first day on the job. The painting is similar to the basic character you start with in a video game before you actually customize it, you know, so it looks like a person that actually exists on this earth. 

     Maybe lady Obama is satisfied with the grey-scale portrait straight out of the background of a Charlie Chaplin movie, but I would think she'd want a little bit of life or color in it. Barack's painting at least has that, although the fact that he's about to fall off a chair floating in shrubbery is a bit of an odd choice. Either way, it's a unique way to immortalize yourself. For someone that stood by her husband and helped lead the nation with a big smile and positive aura, I would have assumed she'd want to be commemorated in a less depressing manner. Of course, she'd most likely enjoy her own face being involved in the painting as well. Here are some more responses to Michelle's art....


If you agree with anything I wrote in this blog, or that's written in these tweets, Mark Dice does a good job of (sarcastically) reminding you of what you are.....


     That's right, you're a racist. 


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