Kid Accidentally Locks Mom's Cell Phone... For 48 Years

Anyone who spends time near children knows to lock their phone or else risk a kid wreaking havoc on it, however disasters can still happen when kids get a hold of a locked phone, as one mom found out. 

The woman's two-year-old was playing with her locked iPhone and wound up entering the wrong password so many times that her phone became disabled for 25 million minutes, which is 48 years. 

How could that happen? Well Apple's security disables the phone when you put in the wrong password. If you continue to put in the wrong code, the amount of time it's disabled for increases. 

There is a solution, but it's not a happy one. You can do a factory reset - and with it you will lose all your data, unless you have a backup.  

So always backup your iPhone and always keep an eye on a child if they have your phone. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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