French Police Officer Hailed As A Hero Following ISIS Supermarket Attack

PHOTO: Getty Images

     A French police officer is being hailed as a hero following a rampage commited by an ISIS fanatic. The horrific event transpired at a supermarket in the south of France when 26-year-old Redouane Lakdim killed two people at that location. Before the attack the ISIS lunatic opened fire on passengers in a car, which killed one, and injured a police officer in nearby Carcassonne.

     Arnaud Beltrame, who is a hero lieutenant-colonel that was knighted into the Legion of Honor in May 2012, had trained for the (at the time) hostage situation at the market only months ago. The training exercise replicated a mass killing incident and was also held at a local supermarket.


     French President Emmanuel Macron stated in a televised news conference that Beltrame "volunteered to take the place of the other hostages" and had been seriously injured. The ISIS soldier held a female woman as a human shield as police engaged the attacker, which is when Beltrame suggested he take her place. He remained as the suspects hostage as police attempted to continue tense negotiations. Police were able to listen in on the attacker after the hero officer left his phone on to purposely keep an open line with the outside. Officers then heard shots fired in the market and ordered special forces to storm the store. 

     Three hostages were killed and sixteen people were wounded in total. Two of the victims injuries were described as serious, and three were killed in the shooting spree prior to the events at the market. Officer Arnaud Beltrame was shot and wounded, he is currently fighting for his life in a local hospital. 


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