Is this Heineken ad racist?


Heineken Light is under fire for a new ad that some are deeming racist. In the 30 second spot, a light skinned bartender sees a light skinned woman in the distance drinking a glass of wine. He opens a Heineken Light and slides it across the bar passed a dark skinned black woman, a dark skinned black man playing guitar, and another dark skinned woman. It then lands next to the light skinned woman while the words "Sometimes lighter is better" scroll below her on screen.

Chance The Rapper immediately took to twitter to call them out, followed by several other leaders in the black community. They question whether the ad was made to intentionally seem racist to garner controversy and attention. But twitter backlash was fast, with many defending the company and its campaign as being misunderstood. In any event, Heineken has pulled the ad and apologized. 

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