Dunkin Donuts..."fries"?

Boston's biggest coffee shop distributor (arguably), is rolling out a trial menu of new snacks at select locations around the Boston area. What's on the menu? New donuts? New bagels? Maybe new sandwiches? Nope, fries among other things! Well in their defense, they are "dessert donut" fries but still fries none the less. In addition to the fries, they are introducing waffle breaded chicken tenders. Who are they trying to be, McDonalds? I thought this was a coffee shop brand...What is Dunkin angry with McDonald's McCafe menu and this is their revenge? They think, hmmm, "I know, I know, let's offer tenders with a twist and we'll show them". Because yes, people are going to buy tenders on their way to work at 5am...In addition to the new burger esq menu, they are offering pretzel bites with mustard dipping sauce, as well as gluten free brownies for all those with celiac disease, ham and cheese rollups, and munchin dippers. They've already had taste testers sampling these products, some of whom have taken to social media of course...


Items from this trial menu are available at at least 3 locations that we are aware of:

265 Franklin St. in Boston

100 Harborside Drive (location outside Logan airport)

588 Washington St. in Quincy (the new concept store) 

^YES, right near me to sample! That is the donut fries of course. I'll have a full review of these coming up in the near future, right here on the blog so stay tuned!


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