Kanye's Love for Trump...both have "Dragon Energy"

Rapper Kanye West is making headlines after he tweeted his love and support for President Donald Trump. He stated that the President is his "brother", that he loves him and that they both are "dragon energy" (whatever that means).  


A good amount of Kanye's followers are upset so much so to the point where it has been reported that he even lost 9 MILLION Twitter followers after his statements supporting Trump. That's certainly a big chunk of people! People are upset because the status quo is that black people are "supposed" to be democrats, which in turn means they are "supposed" to hate Trump and only support a liberal agenda. The people who follow this status quo feel let down by Kanye. They feel like he was supposed to be a leader for their agenda and how dare him go against that. Kanye West addressed the people's outrage saying essentially that it's okay to have your own opinion that is different than your peers and they should not hate on you for that because he doesn't. 


It's worth mentioning that while Kanye West has been known to go off the rails and say wild things, he is also currently going through a very philosophical phase in his life. As of right now he is writing a philosophy book called "Break the Simulation". For the last month or so he's been tweeting out some of the excerpts that will be included in his book. He's been tweeting the quotes as he's writing in real time. An example here of some of his writing on Twitter...


As far as the Trump love goes, it's mutual. President Trump seems to love Kanye back! Any and all praise, he just eats that stuff up. It doesn't hurt that this president of ours is very engaging on Twitter so can and does tweet back and express his pleasure, thus adding to the publicity. 


Most people, if not all, know that Kanye West is part of the Kardashian family, being married to Kim Kardashian. The Kardashians are mega marketers and basically plan their every move for ratings and popularity to make money so there are some who think this newfound love for Donald Trump is another master plan by Kris Jenner to make money and drive ratings for their upcoming season. The proposed plan might be to have Kanye vocally support Trump, upset Kim Kardashian, thus creating marital problems that need to be worked out and of course President Trump playing along loving that Kanye loves him, only pumps up the publicity so it could be a power move by Kris Jenner. Do you think that's the plan? It seems very likely. That's not to dismiss Kanye's possible true political feelings but knowing the history of the Kardashians, this smells of a publicity move. The moment Kanye joined the Kardashian family was the day he signed up to play and partake in their publicity game that promotes drama. This tweet could be the first clue in what could be a "maritial flaw" for Kim and Kanye. Who knows, if Kris Jenner has her way, you'll have to tune into their upcoming show to find out more! 


-Producer Lightning


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