Lightning's Wedding Craze: Wedding Bouncy Houses?

As a woman who's getting married within the next year, I'm becoming "in the know" with all things wedding. The latest wedding trend really brings out your inner child & as someone who's a child at heart, I love this latest one! What's the latest trend? Oh, a wedding themed bouncy house/castle! That's right & yes it's a thing! & yes i'd be lying if I didn't say I'm considering it...This trend started in England and unfortunately remains in England...but if I can help it, it'll be coming to the States soon! The two companies in England charge about $400 to rent this house. They come and set it up and take it down. 


Since wedding venues are so particular about what you're allowed and not allowed to bring and I know mine will not allow a bouncy house (liability and all that), I'm thinking this would be the perfect addition to an engagement party! Am I right? How fun is this!? Mine's on the beach so I guess I'd just need a permit. I'm going to have to see if this is a possibility since mine is coming up here at the end of the summer...there has to be people locally in the New England area who rent out white castle bouncy houses right? If you know of anyone let me know because I'm into it!


Ladies and gentlemen, that's the latest wedding trend. I'll have more for you as time goes on!

-Producer Lightning


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