30 yr old goes to court over parents eviction note

30 year Michael Rotondo out of Camillus New York, is outraged over his parents evicting him from their home after living there rent free for over 10 years. He went as far as going to court with his parents because he refused to leave. This is after the parents even tried writing as many as at least 4 written letters to their son, explaining the situation and his need to leave.

Parents 1st letter
Parents eviction letter 2

 A little about this man, he doesn't have a job because he claims he is too busy for one. He has a child (we don't know the age) and that's the reason he initially left his previous job, stating that he had to take care of the child. He did lose custody over the son who now lives with his mother fulltime so that should free up his time for a job wouldn't you think? Apparently his defense is that his job at the moment is actually "getting his son back". Now his parents actually offered to help the man financially move out and get health insurance and all that so he'd finally leave the house but Rotondo denied it due to the fact that he filed an appeal as a "poor person". This appeal is for trying to get custody back for his son and if he accepted the parents offer it would complicate his "poor person" status.

Parents offer money & advice

What a nightmare for these parents. In addition to trying to get their son out of their house, they are also seeking court to get visitation rights of their grandchild. In court, the judge did order the 30 year old Rotondo to vacate the parents home. Rontondo tried to argue that there was a legal precedent that his parents had to give him six months notice. The judge stated that the precedent had been overturned in another case and that six months was an outragous amount of time to ask. 

Rotondo has been acting as his own lawyer. After the judge's ruling he said to a reporter: "I am just so outraged." He said he's been continously taunted by conservative groups for being a "liberal millennial" and that upsets him. As of Tuesday, there was no definitive timeline of when he needs to move out of the parents house by.

For information on this family court case, read on HERE.

Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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