"Spygate!" (No, Not That One)

While speaking about NAFTA and auto workers, President Trump also commented on the Obama DOJ surveillance of his campaign, which he appropriately (but not-so-originally) dubbed "Spygate." 


The President's colorful moniker aside, he's not alone in thinking that this could be bigger than Watergate.  Presidential Legal Teamer Joe DiGenova minced no words about the DOJ's spying on the campaign


But in the Trump Derangement Syndrome world, we needed to get the perspective of the perpetrator (Or would that be "Perpe-traitors?") 


Oh, well that's OK, then.  The spying wasn't about Trump, it was about Russia.  Thanks, Sammy Semantics.  Funny how in the span of about half a week, these "Perepe-traitors" have gone from saying "No spying," to "Necessary spying," to "About-other-stuff-spying."  No concern about the fact that the term "Spying" was used at all.  Your Deep State, ladies and gentlemen.  


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