Samantha Bee attacks Ivanka Trump in a nasty way

Canadian-American comedian and TV host, Samantha Bee blasted First Daughter Ivanka Trump on her TV show "Full Frontal". She very aggressively prompted Ivanka to do something about immigration in this country, saying that POTUS Trump listens to her so do something. This was after Ivanka posted a photo of her and her son on Twitter over the Memorial Day weekend. The photo generated some criticism from others thinking that she was being insensitive or tone deaf for posting a photo with her son while the impending problem of immigrant children being seperated from their parents looms in this country. 

Bee was very crude and nasty in her prompting of Ivanka...take a listen. 

Inappropriate much? Yes. Bee crossed the line here with her nasty language. What will happen to her? Most likely nothing because she's a very outspoken host/comedian and it appears that TBS hired her for that reason, for the shock factor. 

This statement by Bee comes just days after the inappropriate racist tweet by Roseanne and Roseanne's show got cancelled so there were consequences for her. Will there be for Bee though? Are both statements on the same level of inappropriateness? Most would argue, yes. If that is the case, how is one given the okay and the other not? That raises the question here in culture if liberals really do get a pass and conservatives do not. It would be a huge double standard if this shockingly becomes the truth and shows itself. This might be the first obvious glimpse of that. Thoughts?

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