Supreme Court rules in favor of baker

In a Supreme Court case that grabbed national attention, the case of a Christian baker against a gay couple that were getting married, the court ruled in favor of the baker. What happened that resulted in this case going all the way to the Supreme Court is that the gay couple were suing the baker out of Colorado for refusing to custom make them their wedding cake. The baker did offer the gay couple to choose from any cake he already had so he did not deny them service for their union, he just did not want to create a cake specifically for their wedding because it's against his beliefs. The gay couple found this offensive and took the baker to court. The case eventually made it way all the way to the Supreme Court and yesterday they ruled in favor of the baker with a 7-2 vote.

Seen here is the couple who sued, talking about their feelings for suing baker Jack Phillips for not making their cake.


During the court case the court emphasized the importance of equal rights for gays and lesbians and largely rejected the claim that store owners have broad religious liberty rights to turn away customers because of their sexual orientation. In this situation though, the baker Phillips, did not fully turn them away, that was the difference here. He would still sell to them but not customize an order due to his personal beliefs. He claims he did not want to partake in the celebration in anyway as their artisan baker.


This Supreme Court case has turned into a culture war of sorts. Christians alike are happy about this ruling, claiming that it aligns with the constitution's rule of "freedom of religion". While those of the LGBTQ community feel as though religion, which is important and should be respected, should not include practicing your faith in a way that excludes others from public life. 

Did this case end up going the way you expected it to? Are you happy about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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