VB The Wise: Am I Crazy?

Am I Crazy?

So over the weekend the town of Shawnee, Kansas had its “Old Shawnee Days” parade. The town invited Republican candidate for Governor Kris Koback the opportunity to ride in the parade, and he accepted the invitation. Here’s where it gets interesting—Koback rode in the parade in a custom Jeep, painted as Old Glory, with a full mounted replica GUN on top of the Jeep. Let me restate that- IT HAD A MOUNTED REPLICA GUN ON TOP OF IT!!!!

My initial reaction upon seeing this was “wow, that’s crazy!” I then thought to myself, “my little town’s 4th of July parade would NEVER allow that.” And so we started talking about the story on WRKO Monday morning. One of the first texts that came in that day was, “Thank you for reminding us that you are an overly sensitive wussy.” Our first caller said, “I have no problem with this whatsoever.” And the response to our poll question that day – Would you be ok with a politician riding in a parade with a fake gun mounted on top of his vehicle? – was that 70% of you were totally fine with this. For his part, Koback tweeted out “I will not back down in the face of a snowflake meltdown and outrage culture.” Fox News did the story under the banner “Liberals Slam Koback For Fake Gun on Jeep”.

Let me just say this, I am neither “liberal” nor a “snowflake”, and yet I must also say this, “Are you people CRAZY???” Do we really want mounted guns in generic town parades? Whatever your views on guns are, parades are not the place for that. And before you start screaming “yes they are VB,” may I remind that Colin Kaepernick has said the same about kneeling and the national anthem. There is a time and a place for everything, but a parade where kids catch tootsie rolls while the high school band churns out “Meet Me in the Middle” is not that place. Leave the fake mounted guns at home.

And no, I’M NOT CRAZY!!!!!

More wisdom next week.



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