Crayola makeup for the kid in every adult

We all remember having those crayola crayons as a child. There were tons of colors to suit your every coloring need! Crayola was and is the brand name in crayons. Whether you had them at home or in the classroom as a child, more likely than not you came across them. 

The beloved crayon company is now putting their name behind a new line of crayons...but not the traditional crayons they started with but that of makeup crayons and other makeup options inspired by their famous colors. 


In addition to the makeup being in exactly the same type of shades as the crayons themselves, they include the famous packaging design of the original crayon so be careful if you have kids around that you don't accidentally grab their crayons instead of your makeup!

Some of the products included in this new Crayola makeup line include:

  • Lip & Cheek "crayon" in various colors
  • Mascara in various shades
  • Highlighter "crayon" in various colors
  • Lip color "crayons"
  • Eyeshadow
  • Face "crayons"
  • Lip & face palettes

All the Crayola makeup products are animal and cruelty free products and vegan approved. They also come in fun packaging that reflects that of a crayon box!


The Crayola collection includes a 58 piece collection with as many as 95 colors incorporated into their products.


I'm personally drawn to these products! I'm not even a huge makeup person in the sense of wearing a full face of makeup everyday but I do wear eye makeup everyday. Plus I'm not going to lie, I'm just draw to these vibrant colors to have! Maybe I'd try a fun eyeshadow or lip color if I'm going to be daring but the mascara is an option for sure. 

This Crayola collection is being sold by ASOS and you can browse and purchase products, HERE.

-Producer Lightning


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