Man rides the hood of a car going 70mph

A man out of Miami, Florida is spotted holding onto the hood of a car driving 70 mph down I 95. Even more shocking than that fact alone is the fact that this man was only holding onto the hood with one hand while he had a cellphone to his ear in the other. YES, you heard right! The man was only barely holding onto this car speeding down the interstate with one hand while he was on the phone. & you thought talking on the phone while driving a vehicle was bad enough, this guy takes the cake! 


This is on a Fast and Furious level! I feel like I'm watching a movie and I'm sure the spectators driving down the road next to this wondered if they were unknowingly part of a film shoot. I would absolutely be shocked if I saw this. Another passerby thought that there was a woman driving the car and the man grabbing onto the hood was actually talking to her on the phone he was holding onto the car. It is believed by this passerby that there was a disagreement between this couple and the woman took off in the car while the man grabbed a hold of the hood.

As far as we know, no arrests have been made.

-Producer Lightning


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