Lowell wants Domino's to pay for their potholes!

Domino's Pizza wants to pay for your town's potholes in a new campaign called "Paving for Pizza". They are all about preserving that precious pizza of theirs and making sure it gets to your table safely. Not too long ago Domino's came out with "pizza insurance" where if something happens to your pizza after you carry it out, whether you drop it, get into a car accident, forget it, whatever the case, if you pay for carryout insurance on it before leaving and something happens, you can take it back for a free replacement pizza. 

With that being said, the town of Lowell, MA, wants and needs to fix their pothole problem. The city is littered with them and thought this proposal from Domino's might just be the helping hand they need. 


Some residents of Lowell are less than pleased about this idea of Domino's paying to fix up their city. One resident said, “Why don't you just do it yourself instead of begging others to do it...This city is begging for a handout as usual instead of hard work. Old time mills and buildings should remind us of the hard working people you used to be.” A lot of the critics have been writing posts on Twitter as a followup to the town of Lowell's Twitter announcement of their plan. 


If Lowell does get chosen by Domino's as one of their recipients, they will receive a $5,000 paving grant that Lowell officials say: "every little bit counts, and having $5,000 extra to help make our streets smoother would be a great help to our Public Works crews.”

If this was your city would you be okay with them taking handouts from Domino's? We're led to believe that the paving of the potholes will be stamped with the Domino's symbol so will you drive around and see Domino's logo everywhere throughout your town? That would be a little much...one or two, okay cool but if the city is littered with Domino's signs, that would be a turn off. Take a look at their commercial promoting their campaign, maybe the stamping was just a promotional stunt for the ads...


We will keep you updated if Lowell gets chosen if you don't see any paved spots with their logos on it before then. You can go to Domino's website HERE to vote for Lowell!

-Producer Lightning


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