Art? Or Incitement? [WARNING: Explicit Content]

[WARNING:  Explicit Content]

The One Grand Gallery has apparently decided they need to fill the behead-the-President-void left by Kathy Griffin's "Mea culpa."  Below is a Facebook post from Andres Estopinan, who captured the online images and postings of the gallery before they were taken down.  The Kuhner Report, never one to censor free speech or "The arts," has decided to present the unedited post, so the vitriol can be displayed as intended by its creators.

Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer, who jumped on the radar for confronting Maxine Waters over her calls to incitement spoke to the owner of the Gallery

Understandably, an ISIS-esque beheading of the Commander in Chief is facing strong backlash.  

The One Grand Gallery website can be found HERE.