When you're an adult & steal a ball from a kid...

At a Chicago Cubs game, TV crews captured the moment a man sitting in the stands grabbed a baseball intended for a young kid. If you watch the exchange, it was obvious that the Cubs baseman intended to give the kid sitting in the first row, the baseball. He threw it to him directly but what happened was the kid dropped or missed the ball, it dropped in the stands and the man sitting behind him quickly lunged and grabbed the ball on the ground in a split second before the kid even had the chance to blink! It was like money was falling from the sky and this guy didn't think twice! The guy was probably thinking just that, that he could sell this ball on eBay or Craigslist so he had dollar signs in his eyes. He was proud of himself too. He had no shame that this kid felt defeated after losing the ball. Take a look! 


Everyone knows the kids get the baseball. The only exception is if you catch a home run ball or maybe foul ball. Then if it's a foul ball, it's a nice gesture to offer it to a kid. It's really your call if you fairly catch the ball. If the players throw it into the stands and you catch it, give it to a nearby kid if there is one around. That's probably way more important and impressionable to them than it would be to you. I get the nostalgia of catching a home run ball because the odds of that are slim but any foul or thrown into the crowd ball, give it to the kid.

-Producer Lightning


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