The Tape! Trump-Cohen secret tape made public!

A secret tape that Michael Cohen had of a meeting between him and POTUS Trump, back from 2016, prior to when Donald Trump was President, has now gone public. This is one of 12 audio tapes that were confiscated from Cohen by authorities during the raid of his home, office, and hotel room. In the audio tape you can hear now POTUS Trump and Cohen discussing a way to take care of the Karen McDougal story that could be made public after she sold her story to the National Inquirer for $150k. Cohen proposed that they pay a payout of $150k to the parent company that owns the Inquirer. There is some confusion around who wanted to pay by check and who suggested cash. Apparently Trump's legal team said he suggested paying by check to have an official document of the payout and Cohen's legal says the opposite that Trump is the one who suggested a cash payment. 

Take a listen to the audio tape that was just released and see what you make of it:


The audio tape proves that POTUS Trump knew about the payout to Karen McDougal. This is the evident. Who knows what other evidence/proof lies in the remaining audio tapes. When talking with Laura Ingraham during her show, Rudy Giuliani discussed the tapes and said that it was "crystal clear" that Trump says "don't pay with cash". 


Let us know your thoughts about the the first audio tape made public, in the comments!

-Producer Lightning


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