Crowd goes wild on Jim Acosta in Tampa

President Trump was in Tampa Bay, Florida last night for a rally. The media was also in tow and Jim Acosta from CNN was a "HUGEEEEE" (in Trump's voice) target for the crowd. This happened once before at a Trump rally a month ago in South Carolina where Acosta was casually heckled by some members of the crowd.


This latest rally in Tampa Bay was more exemplified. It seemed as though the entire arena was chanting "CNN SUCKS!". Acosta was on a live broadcast with Wolf Blitzer back in the studio, take a look:


We've gotten to a place now in our culture where reporters, public figures, politicians, etc. are getting harassed on the streets and in public places. It's happening on both sides. Look at Sarah Huckabee Sanders who is part of the Trump administration. She got kicked out of a restaurant just for being who she is and working for the President. Then here Jim Acosta who is a liberal reporter for CNN is getting heckled and harassed at a rally for doing his job. My point is, it's happening on both sides and people's anger on both sides is rising, resulting in this type of outward behavior. Is this acceptable? It's becoming a concern for the safety of these people. Regardless of your politics and yes I get you have freedom of speech, where has the respect gone? It's no longer here. No one has respect for anyone else anymore and this is an example of it. Now I don't personally like Jim Acosta as a journalist. He's not my favorite but I respect he has a tough job. Am I going to yell and shout at him because I don't like him? No, because I also have more class. I don't need to act like a child to so call "make my point" or defend my President. It's gotten out of hand. 

Even "The Mooch" tweeted out a response to last night's heckling of Jim Acosta as well and even he thought it was tasteless...


I think we as a nation need to gain a little more respect for each other, and that includes journalists for the President and his administration as well as us for the media. We don't all need to agree with one another and we should challenge and call each other out but my goodness do it in a mature, respectable way.

-Producer Lightning


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