Homeless in UK wear barcodes to receive money

Oxford University in the UK is trying to help solve the homeless problem there. Their idea? Create digital accounts for each homeless person, set up the accounts with their info, and give them barcodes to wear. This idea comes in a society that is strongly going cashless. More and more people do not carry cash around with them and that has affected the homeless community largely. While this method may seem a bit inhumane in terms of literally numbering the homeless, Oxford is truly trying to help turn the number of homeless around. Through their efforts, they are trying to help members of the homeless get off the streets, back to the workplace and into better housing options. 

Each homeless person will monitored by a staff member of Oxford to make sure they are spending sensibly. In addition each homeless person will have an online profile that tells about their story: why they are homeless/what happened, what job they used to hold, and where they hope to go in their future regarding getting back into the work force and on their feet again.

The name of this initiative is being called "Greater Change". The founder, Alex McCallion when asked about it said, "The problem we’re trying to solve here is that we live in an increasingly cashless society and as well as this when people give they worry about what this money might be spent on. So the solution we’ve come up with is a giving mechanism through your smartphone with a restrictive fund.”

This is an interesting initiative. It's evident that we are deep into the digital age. I never thought we'd get to the point of even the homeless and poor get digital profiles. Usually with anything technology related you have to have at least a little money to keep up with it. This news article really stuck out to me. It's a great idea and thought for the day and age that we are in; it's just so out of the box that it stuck with me. I hope it works out well for them though and that more homeless are off the streets and into housing as a result!

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