Jack In The Box's new TV AD; Is it even funny?

Fast Food restaurant, Jack in the Box came out with some new food items on their menu. They of course wanted to promote that new food item and did so with a new TV ad that tried to be funny, clever, and pun filled. Some are questioning whether their new ad was entirely appropriate or even funny at all? Take a look at the new ad and decide how you feel about it:


Tone deaf? Harmless fun? We might need the king of puns and "dispenser of wisdom", VB The Wise to weigh in on this one. Unfortunately for us he's on vacation this week but rest assured we'll check in with him for his "wisdom".

I personally think it's harmless fun, regardless of it's 13 year old boy humor. Does this ad really do any damage? No. Is it wildly inappropriate where kids shouldn't see it? I don't think so but I don't have kids. I do know that there have been plenty of even kids shows or movies that contain borderline inappropriate jokes but they don't pick up on them; the adults do but the kids don't. I mean hey, I used to listen to Britney Spears when I was 10 and she was singing "hit me baby one more time". I didn't know what that might have meant when I was that age. Or Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" singing "rub me the right way". I mean that is the most obvious and yet I still didn't catch on to that when I was little. My parents certainly did but that didn't stop them from letting me listen to that music. These subtle jokes have been inserted into pop culture for years so it's nothing new. I understand just because it's been around for years doesn't make it right but in this case I think it's fine. We've all gotten too "triggered" as a society and we need to stop being SJWs and chill out. 

Vote here though on what you think of this Jack in the Box ad:


-Producer Lightning


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