Omarosa's Firing: The Secret Recording with Kelly

Omarosa Manigault, most known for her rise to fame in Donald Trump's reality TV show, "The Apprentice", followed POTUS Trump to the White House. While with Trump she held a couple roles but more often than not people questioned what it exactly was that she did. Her main "role" was titled, "Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison", which might be the longest title held by anyone in the White House. 

She didn't last very long at Pennsylvania Avenue. She was let go last December in 2017. Omarosa claims that she was "threatened" in the White House Situation Room by General Kelly, which was where she was taken to have a confidential meeting to discuss her workplace violations that ultimately lead to her firing. The Situation Room there has a strict policy of having no recording devices, cameras, etc. and yet here she was knowingly breaking the rules by recording in a meeting regarding her violations at work while again she's here violating the rules. Isn't that something? 

Now 7-8 months after her firing, she has released the "secret" recording of her discussion with General Kelly where he fired her. Take a listen:


Omarosa claims there are more "secret" tapes that she has. One of which is between her and the President, talking over the phone the day after she was fired. He claims he had no idea of the firing ahead of time and in this so called recorded conversation, questioned her as to what was going on in regard to her thinking about leaving (as the media pointed out). She then informed POTUS Trump that she wasn't thinking about leaving, it was that General Kelly fired her. Apparently Omarosa plans to release more of these tapes containing convos like that with the President.

Omarosa claims that she HAD to break protocol and record these tapes and explains her reasons why...


We'll be on the lookout for more tapes to be released from Omarosa. More could be coming out as soon as today. 

-Producer Lightning


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