VB The Wise: New Hampshire 2020


Michael Avenatti was spotted in the Granite State this past weekend actively fueling speculation that he may run for president as a Democrat in 2020. Meanwhile 4 in 10 Republicans in New Hampshire now say they want a primary opponent for Trump in 2020. What these two things tell me is: 1. The season is fast approaching, and 2. Some people in NH get it.

Allow me to speak to the 6 in 10 Granite staters who don’t want a primary opponent for the President – WAKE UP. What part of “good for business” do you not get? Was 2012 so long ago that you forget how boring that New Hampshire primary was. Covering Mitt Romney and an unchallenged Barack Obama was BOOOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG. The rule for New Hampshire voters should always be, “come on in the water’s fine,” and “the more the merrier.” We live in a reality show time, we need lots of contestants.


Think about this for a second. In an ideal world, here’s what could happen on a snowy January day – Elizabeth Warren will be in Portsmouth; Michael Avenatti has stops in Merrimack and Keene, John Kasich continues his northern swing with a town hall in Meriden, Michael Bloomberg has an event in Nashua, Deval Patrick is scheduled to be in Salem and Concord, and POTUS Trump has a rally in Manchester. And that guy with the boot on his head will be somewhere… Who in their right mind doesn’t want that?

Look, I’ve covered exciting NH primaries and I’ve covered boring NH primaries; I like exciting primaries better. Let’s fill up this dance card, let’s make NH (and Massachusetts) a ton of money, and let’s make sure this thing is a circus. Trust me you 6 in 10 who don’t want this, you really do.

More wisdom next week.


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