There is a Boa in those woods! Hyannis finds one.

Out of Hyannis, MA, a 20 year old man was walking home from work, and traveled a path through the local woods down in Hyannis. Along his walk he came across what he saw was movement in the bushes. He decided to investigate further. What he came across was a 6-8 foot long snake feeding on a dead animal. The man for some strange reason decided it was a good idea to proceed closer to the snake and try to pick it up. Now whether the young man was trying to save the dead or injured animal, that's unknown but the snake as expected ended up dropping the dead animal and took a bite out of the young man instead! 

Firefighters responded to the incident and the man was taken to Cape Cod Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. The snake was actually captured by the Hyannis Fire Department seeing as how it was a boa constrictor, an animal that does not inhabit Cape Cod naturally. The department believes it was a pet that was either released into the wild or lost. 

Local firefighter who was on the scene, Andrew Kleamenakis said "You don't typically see those floating around here." Kleamenakis went on to say that the snake was not venomous.


I'm fairly sure if I was walking through the woods and I heard a rustling in the bushes, I would keep walking and only look back to make sure whatever was rustling is not following me. I especially would never pick up a snake if I came across it. Especially if it was in the middle of eating! Like, don't mind me, I'm just going to keep walking and now pick up the pace!

This is an example of how we should let nature be nature and don't disturb the animals! Especially when they are eating! If you see something unusual, report it and call authorities. That sees fairly common sense but apparently we still need to warn people that snakes bite and will attack you. 

-Producer Lightning


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