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So Ron DeSantis won the Republican primary for Florida Governor. Andrew Gillum won the Democratic primary for Florida Governor. Considering that Florida is THE pivotal swing state in presidential elections (along with Ohio and Pennsylvania, these are the three states that MATTER), this race is going to have lots of eyes on it. In fact, it could well be a harbinger of 2020, considering DeSantis is all-in on Trump, and Gillum is an upstart supported heavily by Bernie Sanders. If tea leaves are to be read in a 2018 race, this might be one to watch.

Which is why it is both unbelievable and not what happened on Fox on Wednesday morning. DeSantis, fresh off his primary win, went on Fox to preview his race against Gillum. Have I mentioned yet that Gillum is African-American? If not, allow me to do so now – Gillum is an African-American. With that as the backdrop, DeSantis actually said the following in his Fox interview, “The last thing we need to do is monkey this up.” He was speaking to Floridians, and he was trying to convey the message that things are going great, and they will continue to go great if he, DeSantis, is elected. So he wants Florida voters to not mess it up. Only, he didn’t say ‘let’s not mess this up,’ he said we don’t “need to monkey this up.”

Have I mentioned that Gillum is an African-American?


Is this the end of Ron DeSantis? No. As I sit here typing I think he will be the next Governor of Florida. However, THIS can’t happen again. Whether or not this is a phrase he uses often, and whether or not this is a phrase people use, Ron DeSantis CANNOT use it ever again during this election. He cannot. Have I mentioned that Gillum is an African-American? I don’t even like typing the phrase, even in this context, truth be told. But here’s a phrase I don’t mind typing – Smarten up DeSantis. Smarten up.

More wisdom next week.



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