Woman found coyote in her bedroom!

A real life nightmare! A woman from Bixby, Oklahoma woke up in the middle of the night to what she thought was her pets fighting. It was animals fighting...but not just her animals. They had a not so friendly invader amongst them. A COYOTE! Not in the backyard, at the window, but in the home! Bonnie Moriarty woke in her bedroom to see her cat running into the room followed by a coyote. She started screaming, naturally and then her dog came in barking. Moriarty grabbed a golf club and the coyote started cowering in the corner. Moriarty's husband was out of town and her kids upstairs. Luckily Moriarty was able to call the police and have the animal removed before neither her or her animals were hurt or injured. 

The picture is worth a thousand words!


This would be VB and anyone's nightmare, really. Imagine being in your private home, with your guard down because you're peacefully sleeping in your bedroom and you wake to a wild animal intruder? That truly is a nightmare that played out in real life. The poor woman will probably have a hard time sleeping for a bit...at least her, her kids, and her animals are okay. The coyote was removed by police and released safely back into the wild. It is believed the coyote somehow got into the home through the backdoor. In the end, no one or no thing was injured.

-Producer Lightning


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