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The Baker Diehl…

So the Boston Globe ran an opinion column this week about Charlie Baker’s endorsement of Geoff Diehl titled “Feeling Queasy.” Charlie, of course, famously BLANKED (at least that’s what he says his did, I have my suspicions he didn’t) his 2016 presidential ballot because he is not a fan of Trump. Geoff Diehl, on the other hand, was a campaign manager (the first) for Trump in Massachusetts. Joan Vennocchi’s column asks two questions; one, why would Charlie do that, and two, what are we the voter supposed to do with this?

As to the why, might I suggest that Charlie likes Geoff, at least more than he likes Elizabeth Warren? Or, to point it another way, he doesn’t dislike Geoff enough to blank this one, like he did with Trump (allegedly). Sometimes the real answer is the simplest one, and that is as simple as it gets. By the way, there’s an old line about politics making strange bedfellows. Was that any truer than it is in 2018? After all, Ted Cruz is actively promoting a campaign stop by Trump – the very man who suggested Cruz’s father might have played a role in the JFK assassination, and the same man who implied that Cruz’s wife wasn’t overly attractive. Charlie endorsing Geoff seems tame when viewed through that prism, no?

As to what the voter should do with this? Do what you will with any endorsement – nothing. If you were on the fence about Geoff, is Charlie’s endorsement really swinging you? If you were on the fence about Charlie, is his Geoff endorsement really crushing you? The good news with both of these guys is that they have long records of political action (or inaction in some cases) and we can judge them on that. Not everything in this world needs to be about Trump. The Governor’s race should be about Charlie and the other guy (what’s his name, it’s umm, shoot, I had it…). Similarly, the Senate race is about Geoff and Liz. NO need to bring the elephant in the country into this any more than he already is.

Charlie Baker endorsed Geoff Diehl. The Globe feels “queasy”, I feel nothing.

More wisdom next week.


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