Fat shaming sweatshirt: Being fat is not beautiful

On Wednesday, a new sweatshirt came out from the clothing company, Revolve, that is drawing a lot of controversy. It was designed by LPA and has the phrase: "Being fat is not beautiful, it's an excuse."


Social media immediately exploded about the sweatshirt, criticizing it's message as being that of "fat shaming". Many thought it was even worse that it was a skinny model showcasing the clothing item. The company, LPA was established by actress Lena Dunham's friend Pia Arrobio. Dunham herself said that the clothing line that this sweatshirt is from, is part of a collaboration Arrobio and her have been working on. They say the goal of the line is to "highlight quotes from prominent women who have experienced internet trolling & abuse." If anyone can be a good spokesperson for this, it would be Lena Dunham so it's fascinating she is standing up for the sweatshirts and clarifying that no, this is not fat shaming. The goal of the sweatshirts was actually to highlight the things said about women who have been fat shamed and use art such as fashion as a way to express it, not stand by them as true. That's where people got confused. These sweatshirts are not stand alone facts, but merely a mockery of what trolls online have already said. The problem is not the sweatshirt but the marketing and the way Revolve handled it and chose the model. That's the problem. The model should have been accurately representing the target audience and been a plus size model, not a thin, skinny one because that defeats the whole purpose. Dunham explains that here: 


What do you make of this sweatshirt made by LPA and put out by Revolve? Was the initial sweatshirt a good idea and the marketing poor? I believe so. What do you think? 

-Producer Lightning 


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