Is this the creepiest mascot you've ever seen?

The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team might not have held the Stanley Cup in the last 20 years but they can hold onto a new title: having the creepiest mascot in professional sports! Gritty the...what is it again...? Whatever it is, it made it's debut last night in Philadelphia to the cries of children...


I mean did that thing just have a seizure during it's introduction? Somone get this blob a medic... This is the thing of children's nightmares. Legend has it, it doesn't feed on snow as the Flyers claim, it's really children's tears that fuel this muppet wannabe...what was Philly thinking? No really, someone explain to me what this is supposed to be and how it's supposed to get fans screaming...maybe screaming for their lives, now that would make sense...! 

What do you think? Is there a creepier mascot than Gritty the...thing...with it's googly eyes? Forget about Frankenstein, go as this thing for Halloween this year!

-Producer Lightning


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