Lightning's Roundup: Month of September Headlines

A lot of things happened during the month of September! So much so that you might have forgotten all the big headlines with news after news coming at us. I have the recap for you on what the biggest stories were in the month of September and what we talked about here in talk radio. How much of that was Trump related? Funny you ask. You might be surprised by the low numbers on that...take a look!

Month of September Trump Calculations

Whole Month of September Talked About Trump: 22%

Whole Month of September Talked WITHOUT Trump: 78%

Week 1 Big Topics: (Labor Day Week-4 days)

  • NY Times Op Ed Article on Trump
  • Ariana Grande groped at Aretha Franklin funeral
  • MA primaries take place-Diehl, Pressley, Baker win among others
  • NIKE plays Kaepernick ad for NFL opener
  • Bob Woodward’s book on Trump comes out

(35% Talked About Trump this week)

New York Times newspaper
Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin's funeral

Week 2 Big Topics: 

  • Serena Williams calls umpire thief & starts sexist outcry
  • Hurricane Florence hits the Carolinas
  • Local Merrimack Valley gas explosions

(35% Talked About Trump this week)

Serena Williams flips out on Umpire
Hurricane Florence

Week 3 Big Topics: 

  • Brett Kavanaugh is accused of sexual misconduct & the ongoing hearing for the Judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court
  • Bernie & Ernie gay? Writer claims so
  • Local Wellfleet shark attack

 (11% Talked About Trump this week)

Judge Brett Kavanaugh Hearing
Bert & Ernie

Week 4 Big Topics: 

  • Rod Rosenstein secretly recorded Trump-Will Trump fire him?
  • Kavanaugh’s second sexual accuser comes out-Hearings continue
  • Dunkin Donuts changes name to just “Dunkin”

(11% Talked About Trump this week)

Rod Rosenstein

Whew, a lot happened in September! Those are your top stories, now let's see what enfolds this month..

-Producer Lightning


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