VB The Wise: Full Blown Insanity

Full Blown Insanity

So this was an actual banner on MSNBC Tuesday morning: FBI Races Clock to Finish Probe.


“Races Clock”? The FBI was tasked with investigating specific allegations by three (or two?) women. In my mind, “races clock” needs to be replaced by “don’t kill the job.” After all, how many people are they actually questioning? At the time that banner was up, Mark Judge’s attorney had already stated that his client had finished his FBI questioning. Judge is really the only one everybody wanted to hear from, and so the FBI talked to him. But there was no “racing the clock” with him, they sat down, chatted, and now they are done. Who else. Ford’s friend Leland? Done. Kavanaugh’s friend Squee? Ok. The 2nd accuser, Deborah Ramirez? Absolutely. Witnesses to the Ramirez allegation? Of course. But these have been, or are in the process of, being done at the time of this writing, Tuesday. The FBI is doing fine, they aren’t “racing against the clock.” That’s a fun, dramatic, tv banner, but it’s of course inaccurate.

That said, what are we to make of the FBI investigation anyway? During the hearing last week, this concept of “FBI investigation” was presented as: if only the FBI could question people, then we’d have all our answers. But what if Joe Biden is right, and the FBI report is nothing more than witness statements? What do Jeff Flake, Joe Manchin, Susan Collins etc. do with it? If there’s a mystery witness who says, “I saw Kavanaugh assault someone,” ok. But if there’s not, and that is a distinct possibility, then what?

There’s an old adage in politics that goes something like: it’s easy to run for office, but be careful what you wish for. That axiom may indeed prove true when it comes to FBI investigations. It’s easy to scream, “WE NEED AN FBI INVESTIGATION!”, but be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Remember Anita Hill? That FBI investigation, which took two days, yielded what exactly? What if this one turns out to be the same? And if you need a more recent example, look no further than the Inspector General’s report on the FBI. That was also supposed to be a “settle this once and for all” report that settled nothing. What happens if this is that?

More wisdom soon…


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