When your dog dresses as a croc & scares people

This Halloween prank is good! Ever consider dressing your pet up for Halloween? This might convince you, especially if you're into pranks! One owner decided to dress their pooch up as a crocodile and let it loose at what looks like a local park. The dog is just chilling until it seems people walk by and then it goes on the attack, chasing them! The costume isn't some cute rinky dink costume either. It's fairly believable, especially during the evening when it's darker outside and you can't see the costume's fine details. Take a look!


Priceless. I'm not gonna lie, if I was taken by surprise like these people, I would believe it too! Especially at a quick glance. You don't have time to examine it if it was a real croc! HAHA! What was your best Halloween prank? What was the best one that happened to you? I can tell you a good prank that got me good as a kid. When I was trick or treating age, and by that I mean yes like 10, not the age VB rails against like 15 or 16, I was a young kid, I was going up to a house that was nicely decorated for Halloween. It was more harvest/autumn themed, not a creepy, spooky, scary style that was bloody or anything. It seemed fairly innocent and "family friendly". There were barrels of hay around with pumpkins, mums, other fall like decor etc. It was cute. Well there was a lifesize scarecrow chillin on a barrel of hay, just slumped over holding a bowl of candy. I thought nothing of it. The bowl of candy was just free for the taking. Some houses do that and just leave candy out for you to take instead of handing it out so I went for the bowl. In doing so, I went to reach for a piece of candy in the bowl that was sitting on the scarecrow's lap and the scarecrow then came to life! It went to grab my hand and scared the crap out of me! I went screaming away back to my father who I'm pretty sure was laughing and got such a kick out of it! Halloween is his favorite holiday, so he loved that. Me, not so much. Looking back now though, that was a good prank! I wish I had a video of it! 

-Producer Lightning


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