The Duchess & Duke of Sussex are pregnant!

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex are expecting! It's dominated the news and minds of people everywhere. President Trump who? At least that's what I'm saying this morning as royal news takes over my brain. The news comes to us on the heels of Princess Eugenie's wedding that happened merely days ago! The rumors started flying when the Duchess showed up to the wedding wearing a more loose fitted outfit. People have been wondering when the couple would start having kids and now we know they have wasted no time! 


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wed last May, nearly 5 months ago at the same chapel, Princess Eugenie was just married at, Saint George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. It's too bad Princess Eugenie didn't even get a full week to bask in her own royal happenings...I don't think it was the Duchess and Duke's intention to overshadow her, but after the rumors got out of control about whether they were expecting or not, the palace released the statement that indeed they are. At least they gave her the weekend but not anymore seeing as how they released the news first thing Monday morning! 

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex is 12 weeks pregnant and their first born is due in the Spring of 2019. Up next the couple embark on a 16 day tour of Austrailia, Figi, Tonga, and New Zealand. There is no slowing down for them just yet!

The couple has received numerous amounts of well wishes and congratulations from Great Britain and the world. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May even tweeted out her congratulations...


Meghan is 37 years old and Prince Harry is 34 years old. Their unborn child would be 7th in line to the throne! Congratulations are in order so a big CONGRATS to the Duchess & Duke of Sussex! We can't wait for Spring 2019! We'll be keeping you informed on all the updates as they happen. 

2019 will be a good year!

-Producer Lightning


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