VB The Wise: THAT Tweet

THAT tweet

Yup, “Horseface”. Let’s talk about it. In the midst of really good news: jobs numbers are through the roof, a very good 60 Minutes interview, Elizabeth Warren failing to put an end to the Pocahontas stuff – POTUS Trump felt the need to call Stormy Daniels “Horseface” on Twiter on Tuesday. I asked every woman I came in contact with on Tuesday about the tweet, and every one either shook their head or got a really angry look on their face. Not good. Further proof that the tweet was a bad idea, I first heard about it around 11:15, when not one but two of my more conservative friends texted me to ask if I’d seen it, and they both texted “Good God” in the message. Really not good.

So, if it was instantly obvious to friends and enemies alike that the tweet was a bad idea, why did he do it? Allow me to throw out a few possibilities:

  1. He can’t stand prosperity. Trump feels uncomfortable when the waters are too calm, and if no one else is willing to cause some ripples, he will.
  2. He was wagging the dog. The Saudi situation was getting red hot on Tuesday, and so maybe he wanted to divert attention away from that. (Strange that he would then do a tv interview talking about that very situation however.)
  3. He hates Stormy that much.
  4. He thought it was funny and he underestimated what the reaction would be.

All possibilities, and they all may be a factor in why he posted the tweet. But allow me to offer one last possibility:

On Friday night, ABC ran its exclusive interview with Melania. In it she talked about cyber bullying and why the issue is so important to her. In a voice over, ABC’s Tom Llamas explained that the topic was “and interesting choice, considering her husband’s behavior on Twitter.” We know Trump watched the interview because he told us he did, and he said Melania was fantastic. We also know that Trump does not like to be told what to do or how to do it. So, is it possible that the President heard Llamas’ line and made a mental note Friday night to be “bad Twitter Trump” at some point just to show that no one is going to dictate to him that he shouldn’t?

Maybe I’m reaching, maybe not. But I point this out because for me it makes the tweet even worse. Had he said “Horseface” in an interview, that would be one thing. But the wife who he loves has a campaign about “cyber bullying”, which he knows full well, and she showed in the ABC interview that doesn’t want to answer questions about his tweets constantly. Further, he knows full well she does not want to answer Stormy Daniels questions, which is so obvious that Llamas didn’t even ask her one. And yet, with that tweet POTUS just ensured that Melania would be asked both things in the future. And so while I can offer 5 theories as to his motivation for sending out the tweet, I again must ask the question, WHY?

More wisdom next week.



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