VB The Wise: Sucks To Be You

Sucks To Be You

In this case, it sucks to be you, Jay Gonzalez.

Who, you say?

Exactly, I say.


Jay Gonzalez is the Democratic candidate for Governor of Massachusetts. The two key words in that sentence are “Democrat” and “Massachusetts”. Think about that for a second, it what universe could it possibly suck to be the Democratic nominee for Governor of the bluest state in the union? And yet, it sucks to be Jay Gonzalez.

Why you ask, does it suck to be Jay Gonzalez, let me offer up three main reasons:

  1. Trump. Tip O’Neill once famously said, “all politics is local.” Not anymore Tip. Now, “all politics is Trump.” The reality is that in 2018, as a collective populace we have only so much time and energy we can devote to politics, and we are using it all on Trump. Thus, if you are trying to make a name for yourself, like the Democratic candidate for Governor in MA, well, it sucks to be Jay Gonzalez.
  2. The Red Sox. (And for that matter, the Pats) When trying to make a name for one’s self, it would be best to do so when there is nothing else going on that much easier captures the people’s imagination. Sorry Jay Gonzalez, but the Red Sox are in the World Series. Guess what? Sucks to be Jay Gonzalez.
  3. You. This is nothing personal Jay, but you are what you are. What I’m getting at here is what you aren’t. If you were Maura Healy, if you were Tito Jackson, if you were Curt Schilling, well, we could work with that. Politics in 2018 is “reality show”, and those three bring something to that reality show table. You Jay Gonzalez, not so much. Sucks to be you.

The #1 thing any candidate running for office has to do is MAKE PEOPLE CARE. The reality for Massachusetts in 2018 is we don’t care. And when that’s the case, there’s just nothing you can do to make them care. By the way, I can hear you Jay saying to me, “but VB, you’re wrong, people do care.” Really? Ask the next ten people you meet at that T station in your commercial who your running mate is. You may want to cover your ears when you do ask though, because the crickets are going to get quite loud. No one cares.

You do have a tiny bit of hope however. It’s the same hope you had when you started. There’s still time for Charlie to say something blatantly racist, there’s still time for Charlie to text his package to somebody, there’s still time for Charlie to hand out trick-or-treat candy with peanuts that causes a child to die. If any of those things happen Jay, then you might be the next Governor of the Commonwealth. If not, you have no chance. None.

It sucks to be Jay Gonzalez.

More wisdom next week.


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