VB The Wise: All Hallow’s Eve

All Hallow’s Eve

So there’s a movement afoot to make Halloween the last Saturday in October, ala Thanksgiving.

No. No. 100 times NOOOOOOO.


Look, I’m for changing things when necessary (the name of the Washington football team, for example) but this isn’t necessary. Halloween is about the kids, period. Has there ever been a kid who thought that Halloween shouldn’t be on the 31st? Secondly, is it really that big of an ask, parents? Get the kids a costume, and then for two hours take them trick-or-treating. You have weeks to prepare and adjust, it’s not that big a deal.

That said, people have been tinkering with Halloween for years now, and some changes have been good, while others haven’t. Here’s how I think you can improve your Halloween, and here’s what you should NOT do:

  1. Halloween advent calendar. Yup. Love it. More importantly, my kids love it.
  2. Halloween Elf on the Shelf. Yup. In our case, it’s the Switch Witch. She keeps an eye on the kids each day, and she decides what treat will end up in the advent calendar the next day. Kids love it, and parents can threaten the kids with it for thirty days!
  3. Halloween trees. Nope. Try as they might, these things aren’t happening. Look, if you already store one fake tree in your house for Christmas, you don’t need another one. Plus, how many broken Christmas tree decorations have we had over the years? Why would I double that? Big no.
  4. Making it criminal to trick-or-treat after age 12. I’m open to it. There has to be a cutoff, and it should be hard and fast, whatever the age. Do I want jail time for teenagers who do? No, well, not for first offense anyway…
  5. Trunk-or-treat. Ehh. I don’t love it. My view on it is this- in case of emergency only. I go case-by-case on this, but I’d prefer it not to be necessary.

However you celebrate it, I can only hope yours is half as fun as mine has been, and let me know if there’s anything new that I’m missing. I’m always open to improving an already great concept- All Hallow’s Eve.

More wisdom next week.


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