VB The Wise: The Definition of Insanity

The Definition of Insanity

We all have used this quote periodically, yes? “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Allow me to pose this question, why is this not the official slogan of the Mass Republican Party? For the last twenty years, the Republican Party has been running conservative candidates for office in Massahusetts, and they have been getting 40% of the vote. In this mid-term election, they actually got 35% of the vote. So the question is this, is the state Republican party going to continue to operate with a “business as usual” style, or are they going to stop the “insanity?”


I heard from enough conservatives over the last few months that HATE Charlie Baker. But here’s the harsh reality, Charlie got 67% while “true conservatives” got 36%. Screaming at Charlie and calling him a RINO are fun, but he’s in office for four more years, while no one else is statewide. At some point what the Republicans are doing in this state ain’t working, they are the Dodgers to the Democrats Red Sox. Series over.

What do I propose for the party? DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!! Stop screaming about the sky falling for every social issue that comes along. You screamed at Baker for “getting weak” on the bathroom bill, but when the bathroom bill showed up on the ballot this week, 67% of the Commonwealth said they were fine with that bill. That 67% is the same number Charlie got. Hmm, what is he doing that the party isn’t doing, if only there were a sign… Republicans can sit around and complain about how liberal the state is, OR, you can look in the mirror and realize that you can’t keep doing what it is you are doing if you want a different result. If you want to keep losing statewide elections, then keep being that typical Republican party. If you want to break 40%, maybe change who you are, because that 67%, they aren’t changing.

More wisdom next week.


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