VB The Wise: Melania 3.0

Melania 3.0

So I don’t know if it’s actually Melania 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, but there is no doubt that within the last 48 hours we’ve gotten a glimpse into a new Melania. I would argue that Melania 1.0 was the “I’m not sure what I want to do so I’ll just sit by quietly” Melania. Then there was Melania 2.0, who seemed to be checking out completely from the White House, so much so that there was question as to whether she was actually living there. And now there’s Melania 3.0, the “I am not only here, but I will kick ass and take names as I see fit” Melania. At the risk of sounding like John Kerry here, when it comes to Melania 3.0 let me just say, “BRING IT ON”!

Look, there’s a reason why there’s a phrase “palace intrigue”. We love behind the curtain drama, and Melania being involved makes White House drama so much more interesting. It was one thing when she told ABC that “I let him know what I think of people and some people, they don’t work there anymore.” It’s quite another thing for Melania to send out her spokesman to public declare that a National Security adviser “no longer deserves the honor of the White House.” At the time the ABC statement sounded like a passive aggressive “I could do it if I wanted” kind of thing, but now we know she wasn’t kidding. She is not only getting people fired, but she is publicly waving around the scalp of her vanquished. That is a total POWER MOVE.

There’s been questions raised as to whether or not someone who is not elected should be able to wield such influence. In a hypothetical world, I get the concern. But the reality is, the spouse is always involved, and they always have power. It is up to the elected (Trump) to decide how much influence she has. In this case, clearly Melania has plenty. And in the end, if the Trump presidency is a reality show, as I have argued from day 1, then Power Melania, Melania 3.0, she is going to be a real nice development for this reality show. I’ll put it to you this way, I am very interested to see what she does next, aren’t you?

More wisdom next week.