Man puts up giant middle finger on side of road!

Ted Pelkey, the owner of Ted's Truck's in Swanton, Vermont is gaining a lot of attention after constructing a giant middle finger at the end of his yard and displacing it sky high for those to see driving down Route 128. Pelkey spent $4,000 on it and he said it was worth every penny! Why did he do it? To show his personal feelings toward the town's local officials. Pelkey's been trying to acquire a building permit for his personal home property to relocate his business there and the town has been giving him a very hard time about that. They did not approve a permit and the development review board found that it did not meet all regulations. The middle finger was Pelkey's retaliation. He said:  "I'm fed up and it was time to do something," . This was his way of "doing something"...take a look!

Ted Pelkey has no plans to take down the middle finger and even a town representative said it's considered pubic art. A judge will be reviewing Pelkey's appeal next month in an effort to get his permit.

Most of the local people seem to be on board with this new piece of art. One local man even saying he wants one himself! How would you react if this was in your town? While you were driving down the highway everyday to work or to your local grocery store? Are you amused by it? Offended? Tell us your thoughts! 

We talked directly to Ted today on "VB in the Middle"! Hear from the man responsible for Vermont's largest middle finger! It was a GREAT conversation! Take a listen:

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