Trump, Pelosi, Schumer go at it in the White House

A border security meeting/press conference took place at the White House this afternoon and it quickly turned into a boxing match with Pelosi/Schumer against POTUS Trump while VP Pence quietly sits back and watches. While discussing border security and the wall, Trump says he will shut down the government if he doesn't get the needed funding from Congress. Schumer and Pelosi argue that a shutdown is NOT what we need. Trump says: "I am proud...I will be the one to shut it down." We all know President Trump has campaigned on such a high promise of building the wall so he needs this more than anyone, especially now coming into the 2019 election cycle.

The Democrats are adamant on not voting for wall funding and Trump is adamant on shutting the government down as a result. That's the main take away. The full exchange explains it best here. You really just have to watch and hear it to experience the full circus act so...step right up folks, come one and come all. See the spectacular unlike any other...

You know what's great (insert eye roll) is how Nancy Pelosi just keeps saying "let's talk about this more in private" and proceeds to go outside the White House and speak to the media with Chuck Schumer about President Trump having a "temper tantrum" and how it's "unfortunate that we could have a Trump shutdown as a Christmas present this year".

The fireworks started early this holiday season. No need to wait for New Year's Eve. What do you make of this? Who won Trump or Pelosi/Schumer? & Do you think we will indeed be looking at a government shutdown before the end of the year?

We take your calls & discuss the aftermath of this "civil meeting" right here on "VB in the Middle":

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