Best Superbowl Commercials of 2019

The Superbowl, the biggest football event of all year, was last night down in Atlanta, Georgia. Let's be honest, overall from beginning to end and everything in between, it was underwhelming. There was nothing special about the whole spectacle. The football game itself was boring. It was a battle of the defense and it was one of the lowest scoring Superbowls in history. Sure, the defense was great but I would have liked to see a little more offense and as a result it was a snooze fest to watch. Then the Superbowl halftime show with Maroon 5 was fine. It was okay. They didn't bring as much stage presence as they should have. I like Maroon 5 and I think they are a good, talented band but they really did not bring it. You need to bring it more with the theatrics and there was none of that. I still give them a 6 out of 10. VB is ripping me for it but I don't think it was fabulous but not horrible either.

The other draw to the Superbowl? The commercials. I also thought overall, the commercials were underwhelming and nothing special. There were only 3 that come to my mind as being a thumbs up. Some were in my opinion mediocre like the chunky milk one or the "dietz nuts". Actually I didn't even like the "dietz nuts" one. I thought it was cringe-worthy but a lot of people liked it. I think they were trying too hard. Just to refresh your memory, here are the mediocre ones:


With that being said, the top 3 commercials were the Audi commercial, The Budweiser commercial, and the Hyundai commercial. My favorite is the Audi commercial (despite the fact that I cannot pronounce Audi). That commercial had me LOLing. It completely got me with it's dream like state and then the interruption took me by surprise.


The car commercials were killing it last night. Not in the same way that the Olay, "killer skin" ad was but in a different way. My second favorite commercial was indeed a car commercial, the Hyundai one with Jason Bateman. I like Bateman and think that ad was very clever.Vegans are outraged over them being made fun of but I say as a pescatarian, lighten up. People tease me all the time for not eating meat and I get it. I play along. I'm not offended. I get there is a running joke that food that doesn't have meat in it is considered not food and it's knocked on all the time. I still think the ad was good.


Then last but not least, we always have to have some sort of feel good ad right? There were a couple this year but I think the best was the Budweiser ad with the Dalmatian and Clydesdales in it. The dog made the ad with it's ears and mouth flapping. Without the dog, it would have been a miss.


Again, overall it was a underwhelming Superbowl Sunday. I wasn't overly impressed or entertained by the experience. I'm happy the Patriots came out on top and I suppose that's all that matters. We polled some of audience about last night:


We also had a great dialogue with the WRKO listeners about the best and worst Superbowl ads:


-Producer Lightning


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