Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plans for a presidential run have hit a road block

On the cusp of Senator Elizabeth Warren making her official announcement of running for president in 2020, new documentation has surfaced that makes her look very bad. There is speculation that a democratic opponent of Warren's is behind this latest finding of this document out of Texas that shows that Elizabeth Warren wrote on her Texas State Bar Registration card that her race is "American Indian".


This is going to be hard to explain, Warren. She flat out wrote on her registration card that her overall race is "American Indian". Not Caucasian, not White, "American Indian". You can't help but wonder if she wrote that down to get ahead and pose as a minority? Does she really believe she's completely "American Indian"? According to her Texas bar registration card, she does.

It just so happened to be that we were planning to have former Representative Geoff Diehl on the program today who you may or may not have known just ran against Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate Race. He had some thoughts to share about this latest finding.


After finding out this new info of what Warren did, do you think she will still run for 2020? Will this news finish her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

-Producer Lightning


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