Cowboy Pinball! The wild new thing this rodeo is doing...

"Bull Bash", a local rodeo event in Owensboro, Kentucky, left numerous people injured and sent to the hospital after trying "Cowboy Pinball". "Cowboy Pinball" is a game where players stay within these white circles that are drawn on the ground inside the rodeo pen and they have to try and grab the $100 dollar bill off a live bull they release inside the pen. If anyone stands outside their white circle they are disqualified. Both men and women can play this game.

Watch the moment this bull came charging through the open gates and took out multiple people. How did anyone not think this was not the best idea?


Did you not see that one guy who looks unconscious on the ground? Yeah...not a good idea Owensboro. I get your all wild and this is the rodeo life but maybe don't make your players non-professional regular Joes' who are prone to ending up in the ER or worse, dead!

-Producer Lightning


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