Peabody teens get charged for tossing chair off Northshore Mall 2nd balcony

Two local teenagers in Peabody are facing charges after foolishly tossing a piece of furniture off the 2nd balcony at the Northshore Mall, to the floor below. This stunt of theirs, they filmed and posted to social media, which in turn helped police identify the perpetrators who are now facing punishment for their actions. The severity of the charges also depends on further investigation into whether or not there were customers walking below who could have been seriously hurt or worse, killed. Luckily in this instance, no one was hurt other than these kids' reputations.

This is the foolish video of the kids throwing what appears to be a chair over the balcony:


Peabody Police have identified the two teenagers responsible for this dumb act. The department has posted a message on their Facebook page thanking the general public and community for their assistance in identifying the two teens responsible:


For such a foolish and irresponsible act, they're lucky no one was injured. What should the punishment be for these two teenagers? What would you do if you were one of their parents? Let us know in comments!

-Producer Lightning


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